Haunted Inns of Kingston


Frontenac Club Inn

Green Woods Inn

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Secret Garden Inn



Have you ever noticed that when inside a church, there is a natural feeling of peace and well-being.  One theory is that this feeling is generated over the many years the building has been exposed to the good thoughts and prayers of those who visit and that somehow this ‘energy’ is absorbed by the structure, soaked up through the stone walls and somehow reflected out, recreating this feeling of calm to those who enter.

The previously assumed physics of Sir Isaac Newton that form so much of our lives, is now being challenged through our understanding (or should we say lack of understanding) generated through the study of Quantum Physics.  Now, we are told, the very composition of our physical bodies is made up mostly of energy and space, with electrons entering and leaving our bodies somehow at random.  This indicates a kind of shared structure built around pure energy.  Could this be the energy that makes us who we are?  Could this energy be held by a structure as these electron move through the walls?  Because energy can never be destroyed, only changed, where does it go when we die?

Each of the Historic Inns, either through guests or by owners, has experienced episodes that cannot be explained through conventional means.  The one consistency throughout these experiences has always been a feeling of happiness and well-being, never frightening or threatening.  Perhaps the very age of our properties has allowed for the capture or absorption of energy over the many years of exposure, and is somehow able to relay this energy to the few who are receptive.

We will not tell you the stories of previous experiences, for fear of establishing preconceived assumptions and, certainly, the vast majority of our guests experience nothing but a sound good nights’ sleep.  But for a very few, something about these historic properties seems to enable an energy to develop into something that just these few can experience.


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